Your Legal Shield Against Federal Charges

If you are charged with a federal offense, you may have many questions and concerns. Most likely, you know your situation is serious, but you may not know what to expect moving forward. You need a legal guide who can explain the process and effectively fight the charges you face.

My name is Marcos Beaton Jr. I am a dedicated trial attorney and focus my practice on criminal defense. I regularly practice in federal courts throughout Florida and I have a respected track record of success in these cases. I keep my case load limited at the Beaton Law Firm so that I can fully dedicate my efforts to each client.

Common Federal Offenses

In many cases, state and federal laws overlap and you may not initially know which government will charge you. In some instances, it could be both. In other cases, only federal law covers certain violations. Common federal crimes include:

These are just a few examples and by no means cover all federal charges. If you have questions about the charges you face or think you might face in the future, I can provide you with the information you need.

What To Expect During The Process

In certain situations, a federal agency may investigate you for quite some time before bringing charges and you may even know about the investigation. I can help you navigate these early stages and protect your rights. In some cases, I can intervene in the process and manage communication between you and law enforcement.

After your arrest, the federal government may assemble a grand jury to indict you, which will help the government decide if they should bring formal charges against you and proceed to trial. You must have a lawyer who is licensed to practice in federal court to defend you.

The pretrial process may include conducting our own investigation of the facts and evidence. We may bring a motion to dismiss the charges or we may engage in plea bargaining for reduced charges. I will prepare for trial either way and be ready to vigorously defend you in court.

Assuming you go forward with a trial, I will present your defense to the jury, working for an acquittal. If you are convicted of one or more charges, the judge will follow the federal sentencing guidelines in your sentencing based on the level of your offense. These judges have much less discretion than a state court judge.

You Are In Good Hands

I don’t just practice criminal defense. I also teach students and other attorneys the art of defending clients in a courtroom. I have been an adjunct professor at the University of Miami School of Law for over 10 years and I have also taught at the National Criminal Defense College, which provides an intensive trial skills program for criminal defense lawyers. No matter what charges you face, you can rest assured I have a firm grasp of the law and the best tactics to defend your case.

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