How a drunk driving conviction can impact employment potential

On Behalf of | Oct 6, 2022 | DUI

Being charged with impaired driving can put a defendant’s future in peril in a number of ways. Not only only can a conviction result in fines and possible incarceration along with a driving privilege suspension, but there could be other negative financial impact as well. Some Florida residents who are convicted are terminated by employers when their job requires company service driving. And still others will be denied employment when the incident appears on a criminal history in a background report.

Professional drivers

Individuals whose work experience primarily includes driving in any form tend to have the most difficulty securing future employment if they have a DUI conviction on their driving record. This is especially true for Floridians who hold a Class A commercial license.

Standard workers

Dependability matters significantly when employers hire new workers. One specific type of dependability is the ability to get to work on time and on a regular basis. While an individual who is convicted of impaired driving on a first offense can often find dependable transportation to work for a short period of time, those who are terminated or are seeking employment may have significant problems if the prospects of employment will also require them to commute via an automobile. Dependable transportation is often central to any job placement outside of remote worker employment opportunities.

Multiple offenders

Multiple DUI offenders will assuredly have more trouble securing employment than others when employment will demand commuting to work with a personal vehicle. A second offense can practically end the driving career of an individual with a commercial license at least temporarily because extended driving privilege suspension periods also include suspended commercial licenses. All CDL holders should think long and hard about getting behind the steering wheel of any vehicle if they have been drinking or taking drugs of any type.