An Aggressive Defense For Serious Criminal Charges

Not every criminal defense lawyer has the experience to take on the most challenging and serious cases. If you face charges where the stakes are high, you need a lawyer with proven skills and tactics to win. My name is Marcos Beaton Jr. With decades of experience and thousands of courtroom hours under my belt, I represent clients in high-level criminal cases in both state and federal courts. Although I mainly work on cases throughout Florida, I have represented select clients in other parts of the country. I founded Beaton Law Firm to provide clients with the kind of dedicated, aggressive and thorough representation I feel each client deserves. To learn more about my background, read here:

My sword and shield logo is not just for show. It represents my philosophy as a trial lawyer. I believe in shielding my clients from harm while striking out with calculated precision. Whether you face a murder charge, a sexual offense or a complex white collar charge, I offer both a deep understanding of the law and sharply honed trial skills in your defense.

Nationally Recognized Trial Skills

Though I have enjoyed many awards and accolades in my career, I am perhaps most proud to say that my peers and colleagues have recognized my skill and success by asking me to train the next generation of trial lawyers. I have taught at the University of Miami School of Law as an adjunct professor since 2011. I have also taught trial skills at the National Criminal Defense College, which provides what may be the nation’s most prestigious and intensive trial skills programs for criminal defense lawyers.

Dedication. Communication. Preparation.

The core tenets of my practice stem from giving each client the attention they need and deserve. I select my cases carefully and take only those where I feel I can offer the client my full commitment. I take the time to fully learn about my clients, their cases and their legal needs. If I take your case, you can rest assured I will communicate with you at every step to keep you in the loop and to discuss your options. I always return phone calls and emails as promptly as possible.

Finally, I will vigorously advocate for you. I take this seriously as both my job and my ethical responsibility. You deserve an attorney who prepares for every meeting, every hearing and every negotiation. I will know everything I can about your case and work hard to present your case in the best light possible for you. Although no lawyer can promise you a certain outcome, I can promise you that I will give your case my full effort, both as your shield and your sword.

Schedule An Initial Consultation

To learn more about Beaton Law Firm, schedule a initial consultation with me. You can reach out online or call my Miami office at 305-907-2543.